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August 14, 2014
Beyond NRG

FINALLY, A Perfect Protein!

What makes NVIE Nutrition’s Perfect Pro Protein Blend so great?  The science behind the product!  Only NVIE Nutrition submits their product for third party testing to ensure its purity – that it will deliver exactly what it claims to.

And what does it claim to deliver?

1)       TIME RELEASE PROTEIN BLEND:  ensures proper protein release and uptake into your body.

2)      DIGESTIVE ENZYMES:  crucial to the formula as they enable your body to absorb the protein your body intakes and utilize it better, enhancing your ability to put on lean muscle and assisting in optimal recovery time.

3)      PROBIOTICS:  immediately enables better absorption of certain minerals and amino acids.

Perfect Pro Protein Blend allows you to get the most out of your diet, so your body can get the most out of your workout!